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Prescription Glasses in Etobicoke Available in Many Styles and Brands

If your vision is not as sharp as it used to be and you’d like to see if it’s time for eyeglasses, get an eye exam from Dr. Dunning for a report of your eye health. Using advanced optometric techniques, Dr. Dunning and her team will identify whether you have impaired vision or a retinal eye disease and whether prescription glasses from Etobicoke’s leading optometrist can correct your vision. Dr. Dunning will consult with your primary care physician if underlying health conditions are the cause of your vision loss. We provide complete eye care and confer with an interdisciplinary team of healthcare professionals to provide you with the pinnacle of patient care.

computer screen glasses

Glasses That Filter-Out the Blue Hue Emitted from Computer Screens

Add a special lens coating to your eyeglasses to filter out the blue-violet light which emanates from computer screens and other electronic devices. This feature reduces the glare on your glasses which makes viewing things on your computer, tablet or smartphone uncomfortable and may cause strain to your eyes. 

All our frames, lenses and coatings come with a two year warranty. We offer an impressive selection of lens designs, materials and coatings.

Pick from a wide selection of stylish frames from top brands like:

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reading glasses

Progressive Lenses—a Seamless Transition

Progressive lenses gradually change focus using the lens powers of a bifocal or trifocal lens and can seamlessly transition between distance and close viewing. That means you can go from looking across the room to reading a book without the need to switch glasses.

Transitions® lenses turn into dark sunglasses outside. Inside, they lighten to regular glasses. 

Looking to find a new pair of prescription eyeglasses, equipped with modern tech to adapt to your lifestyle? Call Dr. Barbara Dunning Family Optometrist today to book an eye test or drop by to choose your frames.

If you want a break from your eyeglasses and want to change things up and wear contact lenses on occasion, ask us about our prescription contacts.

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